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支付不能承受之轻 Apple Pay使用初体验

本文摘要:There is little doubt that the new Apple Watch stole the show during the company’s big event on September 9, but it was the introduction of Apple Pay, its contact-less mobile payment system, that was the most intriguing. For years, the abi


There is little doubt that the new Apple Watch stole the show during the company’s big event on September 9, but it was the introduction of Apple Pay, its contact-less mobile payment system, that was the most intriguing. For years, the ability to seamlessly pay for goods with your phone has been more fiction than reality, marred by clumsy interfaces and spotty support. With the latest version of its mobile operating system, iOS, Apple AAPL 1.55% was finally throwing its hat into the ring. Could the technology company accomplish what so many others have not?在苹果公司(Apple)9月9日举办的发布会上,新产品Apple Watch毫无疑问抢尽了风头,但与Apple Pay比起,它不能却是个暖场,苹果的无接触式移动支付系统才是最迷人的新东西。多年以来,由于界面坚硬、反对坑坑洼洼,手机无缝缴纳一直逗留在理论阶段。

凭借最新版的iOS手机操作系统,苹果再一月进占这一市场。这家技术巨头需要构建其他众多公司仍未构建的梦想吗?Last week, we were finally able to find out when iOS 8.1 hit the airwaves. Apple Pay comes with support from a number of banks, credit card companies, and big-box retailers. The list is exhaustive: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Wells Fargo, Citi, Capital One, Foot Locker, Walgreens, Macy’s, and McDonald’s each promise to accept the new payment method. Naturally, the first thing I wanted to do was test it out in the real world.随着iOS 8.1在上周强大发售,我们再一有机会一探到底。Apple Pay早已取得美国各大银行、信用卡公司及零售巨头的全面反对,而且个个来头不小:维萨(Visa)、万事达(MasterCard)、美国运通(American Express)、富国银行(Wells Fargo)、花旗(Citi)、第一资本(Capital One)、富乐客(Foot Locker)、沃尔格林(Walgreens)、梅西百货(Macy’s)和麦当劳(McDonald’s)等,皆允诺拒绝接受新的缴纳方式。

于是很大自然地,我脑海里喷出的第一个念头就是去现实体验一把Apple Pay。Initial setup for Apple Pay is fairly simple. The application asks if you want to use the same payment information used for buying apps in Apple’s App Store and media in iTunes to purchase physical goods. I agreed with a tap of my finger, but chose to add more cards to the service while I was at it. (You can add up to eight accounts.) The process works like so: snap a photo of your card with the iPhone’s camera, then enter a few extra pieces of information to confirm your identity. It was smooth sailing for my American Express card, but my Chase card gave the app trouble, due to its funky sideways layout. So I hand-keyed the information in, like a technophilic caveman, and waited for a verification code to arrive as a text message. Finally, I attempted to add my Simple debit card, but was promptly greeted by a message informing me that the bank didn’t support Apple Pay. Bummer.Apple Pay的初始设置非常简单。程序不会提醒你否不愿在出售实体商品时使用你在苹果App Store和iTunes中用于的缴纳信息。


其中,运通银行卡的操作者十分成功,可大通银行卡由于前卫的竖版设计造成程序错误。于是,我被迫完整地手动输入信息,等着拒绝接受验证码短信。最后,我试着加到我的Simple借记卡,结果立刻接到短信,提醒说道银行不反对Apple Pay。

沮丧。It took me less than five minutes to set up Apple Pay. Then I set out to test it in my Colorado town. My first stop was at a local restaurant where I frequently dine. After eating a meal and receiving the bill, I asked, “Do you accept Apple Pay?” The clerk, unsure of herself, responded with hesitation: “Um, we use iPads and can swipe your card.” Fair enough, I thought, this is the first day of living in a post-wallet world. I handed over my plastic debit card.我花上了将近5分钟就设置好了Apple Pay,然后抱住抵达,打算在这个科罗拉多的小镇展开一番实地测试。

我的第一站是自己常常流连的一家本地餐馆。吃完饭结账时,我回答:“可以用Apple Pay缴付吗?”那位女服务员一头雾水,犹犹豫豫地说道:“哦,我们用于iPad,可以翻你的银行卡。”好吧,我想要,这却是是我转入“后钱包时代”的第一天。然后我交上我的借记卡缴了账。


On the way home I stopped to get gas. After refueling my car, I held up my iPhone to the payment terminal, finger firmly placed over the Touch ID sensor. I waited for something to happen. My efforts were futile. I inserted my debit card.在回家的路上,我停下打气。加好油后,我对着缴付终端高举iPhone手机,手指抱住按钮Touch ID指纹识别感应器。


The next day I made a stop at Panera Bread, the national fast casual food chain, where it is widely advertised that Apple Pay is accepted. I walked into the store and noticed three cash registers affixed with signs stating that they were contact-less payment ready. Jackpot! Waiting in line, I rehearsed in my head how the transaction play out. Do I tell the clerk what I’m doing? Or do I just just hold my phone over the signature pad (which doubles as a reader of near-field communications technology, the tech at work with Apple Pay) as if this is something I’ve done my entire life? Will the future always be the source of so much anxiety?第二天,我在快餐连锁店Panera Bread用餐,找到该公司在大肆宣传可拒绝接受Apple Pay缴付。我走出店里,看到三台收银机贴上了拒绝接受无接触式缴付的标志,不已心里欢欣了一下!排队的时候,我不时在脑海里演练着如何操作者。

我需不需要跟收银员提早打个招呼?还是说道假装很熟练地必要把手机放到亲笔签名板上(它同时可用于Apple Pay近场通讯技术的阅读器)?以后买单的时候,我还不会这么紧绷吗?It came time for me to pay. I held my phone above the signature pad and watched as my iPhone’s screen flashed with a picture of my card and then went black. That was it. I had just made my first payment with Apple Pay and it happened so fast I didn’t even have time to have one of my rehearsed conversations with the clerk. If nothing else, paying with my iPhone was too easy. My amazement was interrupted as I was handed a paper receipt to place in my wallet.再一再来我了。我把手机举到亲笔签名板上面,看见iPhone的屏幕闪出了我的银行卡图片,然后又变红了。完事了。

我刚用Apple Pay展开了人生中的“处女缴”,结果一切再次发生太快,我都没有再也对收银员讲出我排练了很久的台词。总而言之,用iPhone缴付过于非常简单了。直到接到小票,敲返钱包,我才如梦初醒。


I tried to use Apple Pay at every point of purchase for the rest of the week. Living outside of a major metropolitan area, I’ve grown accustomed to local businesses being behind the technological curve. I hoped Apple Pay would be different. Alas, that’s not the case. Two weeks later, my local businesses are no closer to embracing the future as they had been.于是,这周我试着在所有买单的场合用Apple Pay缴付。由于住在靠近大都市的偏僻小镇,我早已习惯了当地的商户总是在技术上堕后半拍。

我曾多次期望Apple Pay是一个值得注意。惜,结果却并非如我所愿。

两周后,我们当地的商户还是没半点动静,就和以前一样。The shift to mobile payments isn’t something that’s going to happen overnight, of course. It won’t even happen over the course of a few months. Apple Pay has arguably made a bigger splash its predecessors, but there’s more work to be done across the entire field. The fact that retailers are disabling NFC readers at the checkout stand—which renders Apple Pay useless—speaks volumes when you consider Google Wallet has been around for a few years and those same retailers never batted an eye at customers using it. On the one hand, Apple Pay seems to be breaking through. On the other, retailers are creating new roadblocks for consumers who want to pay using digital means.当然,我们无法奢望移动支付一夜间普及,甚至未来几个月都有可能构建没法这一点。Apple Pay的问世或许比它的前辈们更加轰动一时,但整个行业还有很长的路要回头。一些零售商在结账台停止使用将近场通讯阅读器,使得Apple Pay无法发挥作用,这种作法甚有一点玩味。

谷歌钱包(Google Wallet)几年前就已问世,而这些零售商也仍然无动于衷。Apple Pay或许正在获得突破,但另一方面,零售商们正在为那些期望用数字渠道缴纳的消费者设置新的障碍。The only other transaction I was able to use Apple Pay for, by the way, was at McDonald’s. I took my kids out for some ice cream. Neither the clerk nor my kids cared how I paid for the tasty treat. Perhaps neither should I—and perhaps that’s the point.偷偷地托一下,我仅有的两笔Apple Pay缴纳记录中的另一笔是在麦当劳。我带着孩子们去卖冰激凌,收银员和孩子们都没有在乎我是怎么缴付的,也许连我自己也不应该(对怎么缴付)大惊小怪—— 又或,这才是问题所在。